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En mémoire de Mark

by Dianne Jefferson

€ 1,853

(and € 110 of pledges)





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Pourquoi ce projet vous tient-il à coeur ? Transmettez-nous votre engagement !
Mark Richard Jefferson, d’origine britannique mais devenu Condomois nous est parti le 7 mars, suite à une maladie inattendue et cruelle. Il venait de fêter ses 60 ans. C’était un homme sympa et gentil. Il adorait cuisiner et voulait soutenir les gens qui avaient besoin d’aide.

Quel est votre objectif ?
Sa femme Dianne et son fils Thomas voudraient lui rendre hommage en soutenant les travaux pour permettre aux restos de Condom d’ouvrir leur Nouveau Centre de distribution. La collecte sur 12000€ totale plus de 7500€ et les amis de Mark ont déjà contribué plus de 300€ à la fin des obsèques.

Quelque chose à ajouter ?
Nous espérons atteindre un don de 1000€ grâce à la générosité de la famille et les amis qui habitent au Royaume-Uni et en France et qui ne pouvaient pas y assister.
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D. J.

€ 7.50

With thanks to Graham and Linda, with the balance of your kind donation now converted properly to euros xx


D. J.

€ 50

From Graham and Linda. Life isnʼt fair, you were such a lovely gentleman. We will miss you xx


D. J.

€ 50

De Françoise et Régis. En mémoire de notre gentleman anglais, Mark xx


D. J.

€ 25

Er cof am Mark. Lots of love, Carys and family xx


G. R.


€ 60


D. J.

€ 17.50

From Rebecca, with love xx


D. J.

€ 30

From Glyn and Joy xx


D. J.

€ 25

From Michelle and Darren. In memory of Mark, supporting those in need xx


D. J.

€ 10

Balance from Doreen and Stephen, with apologies from Dianne £30 = 35€


D. J.

€ 25

From Doreen and Stephen, in memory of our gentle friend.
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  • Dianne Jefferson - 03/16/2021

    Our project - in English

    Why is this project so important to you? Tell us why!

    Mark Richard Jefferson, of British origin but now forever Condomois left us on March 7, following an unexpected and cruel illness. He had just celebrated his 60th birthday. He was a good, kind man. He loved to cook and wanted to support people who needed help.

    What is your objective ?
    Mark’s wife Dianne and his son Thomas would like to pay tribute to him by supporting the « Restos du Coeur » charity in Condom.

    All of the money raised will help meet the 12,000€ they need to refurbish their new building and open their new Distribution Centre. 7,500€ has already been raised by the charity and following a request made at the end of the funeral, our friends who were able to be there contributed 340€. We didn’t expect anything like that amount and can’t thank them enough.

    Something to add ?
    We hope to reach a total donation of 1,000€, thanks to the generosity of family and friends who live in the UK and France and who were unable to attend.
  • Barry & Brianne - 03/16/2021

    In memory of our brother-in-law Mark. Taken from us too soon. We hope this money can help the charity in his name. X
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